My First Experience With The Death Of My Grandfather Essay

1379 Words Nov 4th, 2016 6 Pages
My first experience with the death of someone close to me was the death of my grandfather, James Carroll Hearn. James Hearn, or Grandpa, passed away at the age of 78 due to leukemia. Although his was my first experience of death of someone close to me, I have since lost many other people. It was September 22, 2010, and the temperature was lower than normal and the air felt crisp. I remember this day because it was my twelfth birthday and I had just started middle school about a month before. I got the usual birthday cards with money ranging in value from 10 to 20 dollars. Except for one card I had received at the time had a very large amount of 50 dollars. I read through the card and found out that my grandpa had sent it. Normally he gave me 10 dollars in past years. I overheard my parents talking later that night in another room. They said something about how my grandpa thought that since it could be the last time he would be able to send me a card considering his condition. At the time I was slightly confused, but I ended up not caring too much about what I heard and went on with life as normal. Flash forward to November of the same year. About twice a week, my mom would take me directly from school to Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis, Missouri to go see my grandpa. I never really knew why at the time why he was in the hospital, but I never really asked. Sometimes when we went there, my aunts or uncles on my mom’s side would be there, but most of the time I just hid…

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