My First Experience Essay

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There is one thing that everyone comes across in life once or more, whether your young or old is falling in love. Some experience their first feelings of love at a young age, while others experience it in their mid-years or even older. Today I want to share about my first experience when I first fell in love, and a bit of what I felt inside. When I fell in love, it was a very special experience, it was something like no other I ever experienced. I 'm going to dig back to my past and write down for you to read a bit of how I came across love. You will get a sneak peek of how I met the man named Stan, how we spent our first date together to how unusual I felt inside.

The most important part of the story is how Stan and I met, because if I had never met him, I wouldn 't have this lovely story about him and me to tell. It all started one happy, sunny day when I received a call from my father. He asked me if I would like to go on a trip to Alaska, with my older sister. My sister was mainly going there to get married to her fiancé, but my father wanted me to go with her and enjoy my time a bit as well. I was away from home that day when my father called me, so when I heard the news about the trip, I couldn 't say no to the idea of me tagging along
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I 'll say It was incredible, I felt so many things I had never felt before. When I thought about him my mind would go “crazy”. Whenever I was about to meet Stan somewhere or see him, my stomach not only turned into a bunch of butterflies, but also into a zoo, and at times, knots, just a bunch of knots. As I had eye contact with this man, my heart would melt, skip a beat, or even better just take my breath away. When I came in contact with him in any way, I 'll just say, the world would start spinning. I have tried my best to explain these unusual feelings, I hope they made sense, if not maybe one day they will, if not the same then

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