My First Ever Basketball Game Essay

1366 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
I remember when I was going to play in my first ever basketball game, there is a lot of thoughts and feelings going through your head. The feelings are completely unlike practice, as often players have to do better than their whole team and the rest of the other. There is a bar that they make in that person’s mind that they have to fill and makes they have to jump above it. This is evident not only in basketball but in almost any areas in life. There are many obstacles in life, and people need to find something or someone to help get past these obstacles in life. For example, sports have helped me take the pressure off of playing sports, a lot of the fears I have, but not all of them by a longshot, and even some fears of death since that is in fact a relevant risk when playing.

Sports are a very large part of my life, they have contributed to many high and low points. There is also the fact sports have taught me lessons for the future as well as allow me to live a healthy lifestyle outside of sports. For example, I was always nervous of being in front of large crowds of people at first and now it is like I am able to just be me in front of people from playing in front of them so often. Then there is the fact that I am able to feel good about me and my lifestyle as sports can allow for determination, rigorous training, and playing to the best of one’s abilities. This also correlate to a lot of obstacles in life such as not being happy with your lifestyle or yourself.…

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