My First Day That Will Change Your Life Essay

2069 Words May 27th, 2016 9 Pages
In life there there is that single day that will change your life, or make you recall your past paving the way for you to change. That day for me was March 18, 2016, my 17th birthday. As the morning came by me, i woke up and began my day normally by following my normal routine. Shower, brush, eat then head to school. Following school i was welcomed by a surprise by my parents and siblings, a surprise which i did expect but acted as if i didn´t. Everyone chanted Happy Birthday, and i replied back with a smile, which would later be turned into a frown of despair. As i blew out my candles, my mother said to me ¨Make a wish¨, in which i didn 't know what to say. As i stood thinking she said ¨Just think about your life and everything that has happened to you”, and with those words i was left in shock, but i did not react in person, but my mind turned into a montage of my past. As the party was finished i went to my room and noticed that i wasn 't going anywhere in life, where back in the past i had a future. I laid there in bed, breathing heavily, with worried eyes as i began to recall my past.I recalled when i was just 4 years old and i was a little kid in a baseball team having fun. There was always a smile on my face, and i had no reason to frown. My mom and dad which i love deeply always accompanied to my games, and their words of excitement used to echo my head as i played my game. My love for baseball was more than anything, and as i grew older i began to notice i was…

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