My First Day School Week Essay

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“Schools that operate on a four-day schedule typically shorten the school week by eliminating either Monday or Friday and add more time to each day to provide the same number of instructional hours as a traditional five-day week” (“Four-Day School Week–Evidence Blast,” 2013, par. 2). My first thought on a four-day school week is that it cannot happen in urban areas as most families are dual income and so parents are unable to take off one day per week to care for their children. For one Minnesota school district, it was estimated that a four-day school week would cost families an extra $600 per year in childcare expenses (“Four-Day School Week–Evidence Blast,” 2013). Having a four-day school week makes me fear for those children who would be left at home without supervision or placed in a low quality care situation because their caregiver is unable to afford good care. Also, some children would no longer have access to vital support services such as breakfast and lunch and possibly a warm place to go to in the winter. On a positive note, four days allows teachers to have additional planning time and also saves school districts money. In Montana, where more than 100 schools are on a four-day week, it has been found that schools who have gone to an extended 4 day school week have had a decrease in absences and improvement academically by students (Long, 2016). Research has shown that reading scores went up at a majority of schools on a four-day schedule and were higher…

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