My First Day - Original Writing Essay

1435 Words Sep 21st, 2015 6 Pages
We’ve all had friends. Some come and go and others are here to stay, but the ones that stay you want them to. You want them to stay because they make you happy, and you love being around them. It’s like you are attached to them, you’re so similar you could be the same person. But you still have your differences, and there are things in this world that can come into your life and tear you apart from each other. Things like that can either ruin your relationship or make it even stronger.
It was my first day, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. As I walked through the doors my eyes locked on the person hiding behind a desk. A smile creeped up on her face as she laid her eyes on me. “You’re new here, aren’t you?” were the first words she said to me. As I nodded she replied, “Yeah I can tell.” The girl chuckled a little and let me through the door that lead into a good sized room filled with a hundred little kids laughing, playing, screaming, and crying. It was all over whelming and I could tell, this was going to be quite the job. I was put in a room where all the one year olds were left to wander. Given no instructions I sat down and started to play with whatever kids came my way, which is what I do best. For hours a day I did this, went to work, played with the kids to keep them entertained, and then went home. It was my daily afternoon routine. As I got more comfortable with the place, I slowly introduced myself to…

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