Essay on My First Day Of The Season

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I have enjoyed hunting since I was six years old, but the second deer I killed is one that I will always remember. The previous year I missed one of the biggest bucks I had ever seen. From that moment on, I planned to hunt every day that I possibly could to try and get one more shot at the deer I had missed the previous year. Finally, hunting season arrived and the day came when the bucks started to come out. I had patiently waited all summer and now it was the time to strike. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with my Father, learn the importance of patience and persistence, and be rewarded with the chance to harvest the buck of a lifetime made this one of happiest days of my entire life.
That summer seemed to last forever; I just wanted November to arrive so I could start hunting again. The first day of the season I was out in the tree stand before daylight, just praying for a chance at a big buck. My Father and I hunted for four days straight and all we saw was a bunch of female deer. Finally, on the afternoon of day four, a couple of bucks came into our field with several doe. I was so excited to finally catch sight of a buck and perhaps get a good shot. As my Dad and I sat patiently and watched, the two bucks started to circle and act like they were about to fight. That would have been a sight to see; however, a dog ran into the field and scared all of the deer away. I was devastated because the dogs scared off the first bucks we had seen all year, but I kept…

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