My First Day Of The School Year Essay

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I firmly believe that every child learns differently. Some children learn by listening, others learn from peers, some may learn by using a manipulative and others may learn by reading. Whatever a child’s learning style is, I plan on incorporating that into my classroom everyday. I believe that a child needs more positive enforcement in his/her lives then they do negative. They do not need to be constantly put down for the things they have done wrong, rather they should be praised for the things that they have done right. Positive reinforcement is something that I plan to use a great deal in my classroom to encourage students to do well.
One of the main things I look to provide for students is that it is a fun and a supportive environment to learn in. This begins on the first day of the school year. I will greet the children with smiles and attempt to get to know them the best I can. I believe that developing a relationship early in the school year helps with behavior and also helps with students becoming comfortable with you. I want the children to enjoy coming to class everyday and not for it to feel like a prison. I want my student to be engaged in the class. I believe the best way to do this is to have procedures and a structure in place for the students to follow. The students will know what to do in certain times such as; where to put their unfinished work or homework that is complete or to raise their hands to answer and ask a question. They will know…

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