My First Day Of The Nursing Home Essay

1479 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
My first day in the nursing home I shadowed a certified nursing assistant. I thought I knew all there was to know about communicating until I began working with the elderly. My perspective immediately changed as I interacted with the residents. Whether transporting residents or attending to their needs, I observed that many of the elderly residents avoided eye contact and did not speak unless it was necessary. It seemed as though typical communication styles that I was use to, were not the norm in the nursing home. It became a challenge for me to negotiate the different communication styles, and overcome these barriers to communicating. On my third week of clinical, I was assigned to a resident named Margaret. Margaret, 79 years old, suffered a stroke and was recently moved to the nursing home from the hospital. She had previously lived alone and cared for herself until the stroke. Margaret was irritable and anxious; she continually suffered from cognitive disabilities, particularly in terms of her language, due to having dysphasia, which is a speech disorder. One morning after breakfast, I met with Margaret. She seemed very confused, and she was asking for the nurse a lot. She kept asking for her "baby", at first I could not comprehend what she was asking for, and she started to feel a little tense in regards to my lack of understanding. She pointed and waved her arms around and was visibly distressed, her tone of voice lowered but the volume increased. She…

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