My First Day Of The Fall Semester Essay

897 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The first day of the fall semester was like my first day of high school, I was so emotional because I couldn’t believe I was in college. I was so nervous and I had all these thoughts in my head. Will I ever make any friends? Will people even like me? Will I pass any of my classes? These are the same questions I had when I walked into high school for the first time. But I knew I had to think positive to succeed in school. This is just the beginning of my future. A topic that was influential to me was time management. When I first started this semester my decisions on how I used my time caused some negativity things to happen personal related and school related. Whenever I would do my homework It would be very easy for me to get distracted quickly. I spent more time on social media, my phone, or hanging out with friends than doing my homework when it was due. Because I didn’t manage my time right I always did my homework at the very last minute.
Ever since my cornerstone class learned about time management, and I did a little more research on this topic, I learned some great tips to manage my time. For an example: because I have trouble with being distracted a tip I learned in class from a fellow student was to shut my electronics off or place them in another room if I’m studying at home. I also learned to make a schedule that revolves around school, work, and when I can study at least 17 hours a week. I learned a lot from my cornerstone class,that can help me to be…

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