My First Day Of School Essay

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She was 9 years old and it was her first day of school. Her family had just moved into America this summer. Her family moved in here for better education and more opportunities. Unfortunately, her father had died of heart attack two months before they moved to America. Her family moved in with her mom sister until her mom finds a job and house. Her aunt registered her for public school and even dropped her off for the first day. She was very nervous how the teachers and her classmates will be. How hard the school will be and how will she communicate with them. She went in and the teacher welcomed her and showed her desk with her name tag on it. The teachers and her classmates were so patient with her. School in U.S.A are something other countries children dream of because their schools consist of one teacher for 100 students, floor as a seat and a desk, and no walls or roof. When I moved here, I notice a lot of differences. One of the differences that stood out the most was schools. The education system here is so much different than my country. The school is not required there instead it 's optional. In Pakistan, you only have grades till 10 then it 's college while here you go till 12 grades. In Pakistan, you have grades 1-10, kindergarten is optional, in one building while here you have 3-4 buildings. There 's no such thing as high school there. Upper grades are usually in the second floor while lower grades are in the bottom floor. Here, you usually go to your teacher…

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