My First Day Of School Essay

1500 Words Jun 10th, 2016 null Page
There I was standing there at the end of that rock two-mile long driveway with my princess backpack on my back awaiting the bus that would take me to my first day of school. St. Anne’s Catholic School was located in a small town in Southern Illinois where I would spend nine years of my life attending. Little did I know than that those nine years spent at that school would affect me greatly.
On my first day of school I remember my older brother, John, and me getting awakened by my loving mother in the early morning hour. My mother was getting our clothes picked out, ironed and starched for the day. My father was doing his usual in the kitchen preparing bacon, eggs, and toast. He always said, “You need to eat to keep from gettin’ hungry.” After he prepared our breakfast he would work on his lunch for his workday. Soon while my mother was trying to get us ready my father would leave with his thermos full of coffee and his lunchbox in hand. After we collected our backpacks and put our shoes on our feet we stood at the front door waiting on my mother and my youngest brother, Nathan. My mother loved taking pictures of us especially by that old, wooden front door. My mom made us stand there so she could take several pictures of the two of us. Once the picture taking was finished we immediately all piled in the backseat of the dark green Mercury Cougar. As I sat in the back seat of that two-mile long drive I was wondering how my first day of school would be. I was…

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