My First Day Of School Essay

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The Head of House had told her the Ash Hut was all locked up, on her very first day of school—but the Head of House had lied.
Jana knew this because when she walked past the hut, she sometimes heard voices whispering in the wind that blew from between its cracked timber cladding. She knew this because she had ventured down to the hut one dark Friday evening and, beneath the pale glow of the darkening sky, swore she had seen a faint light pass between the thick boards nailed across its windows and slip through the gap beneath its crooked door. Jana had lost her nerve then and darted back to school in the purple twilight, hurrying so as not to miss lights out—or so she told herself. And most of all she knew it wasn’t locked because she and the strange boy had taken shelter inside one stormy afternoon; that’s where it’d all began.
One week had passed since the incident at dusk, five since she had moved to Tara College, and Jana was growing restless. She lay on the bench beneath the willow tree, a straw hat shading her face and a blade of grass between her teeth. She bit the blade in half, savouring its bitter green flavour. Thick heat filled the afternoon air showing no signs of lessening till well into March. It was a strange day, an extra day, it would have been autumn had the calendar not shown a spare box for February. With a yawn that finished with a sigh, Jana knew she had to go back to the Ash Hut.
The hut had spooked her that late evening and, though she’d never admit…

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