Essay on My First Day Of School

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Two weeks went by in a blink of an eye. I still received no hint if she is taking my bike for grave proceeding. It seems that the drama I produced was nothing but to troubling myself. As a result of my own deed, I had to walk to the nearest bus stop every morning to catch the school bus, until Miss Rina returning my bike. When? I have no clue… Walking lazily that morning, as usual, I was late again. Therefore, I needed to wait for a public bus or a taxi.

15 minutes waiting, not a single bus pass by, not even a taxi. I was the only one standing there waiting for the bus I missed for my unpunctuality. At eight, which means in twenty minutes, I need to present myself in the counseling room. Mr. Remy has sent me a letter, directed me to meet him at his office on the first day of school after my two-week break. I enjoyed the holiday but sure enough not to go back to school.

“What a boring life,” my heart protested. No one is listening, no one cares to understand how life to me is nothing but an empty space. There are times when the solitude clouding my sight, however, at the same time, it helps me to improve my understanding involving life in addition to valuing my existence. Sometimes I feel I’m getting old before my time, while, at the other time, it feels like my life has just begun. However, I try to think positively and expel all negative energy that revolves around me.
I lit up a cigarette to pass my time waiting for a bus, as I uttered to myself how healthy it 'd be if I…

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