My First Day Of School Essay

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Taking pictures in the front yard, being awake as ever despite not being able to sleep the night before, and a sense of optimism, excitement, and fear. These feelings and traditions are shared by many across the country on one special day: the first day of school. Most of the time I enjoyed the first day of school. I loved seeing who would be in my classes, I loved that I wasn’t going to receive any homework, and I loved getting a sense of what each of my teachers were going to be like. These feelings were especially multiplied on the first day of senior year. After twelve years of schooling I had finally made it to the top of standard education. It was my turn to be in the front row at football games, it was my turn to have a locker that was actually close to the parking lot, and it was my turn to experience what most had described to me as the best year ever until college. The summer leading up to senior year had been my favorite one yet. I had a summer job working as a counselor at a day camp held at Lifetime Fitness. I took an amazing trip to the San Francisco area with my brother and mom as we did most summers. Because my brother went to summer camp after our California trip, I, for the first time, got to go on a summer vacation with just my dad. We went to Kansas City to watch a couple soccer games, and went to a couple concerts, and I loved every minute of it. At the very beginning of the summer I got my driver 's license which seemed to make everything easier.…

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