My First Day Of School Essay

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Have you ever wondered what is like for a no English speaking person to come to the United States for the first time? Let me walk you through my experience as a Hispanic moving into the United States. Is an experience I will never forget; I was in middle school in Puerto Rico when my mother told the family the news of us moving to Connecticut do to her finding a better career opportunity. It seemed like the idea of starting a new school in a new state was not enough considering it was not a Spanish speaking school. I was terrified. How would I communicate, write, what if I get lost? All the questions that ran through my head every second. I am the oldest in my family and it was up to me to not only learn a new language but also be a role model for my little brothers.
I never imagined that being part of a new environment was going to be so hard. Even though I was nervous, I was also excited to experience something new. First day of school arrived. The distance from the parking lot to the main entrance seemed like a four mile marathon. Once we arrived to the main entrance and walked in the main office to meet the counselor to pick up my class schedule, my mom left and I felt more lost than ever. She was the only one in the family that was fluent in English and she was my translator. How can I ask the simple questions, like “may I go to the bathroom.” I was nervous but the teachers and student were nice to me. We communicated with our hands like sign language, it seemed silly…

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