My First Day Of Observation Essay

1006 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Before I began this observation assignment for my SPED class I was nervous and a bit skeptical about how everything was going to be, because I have never observed an inclusion class. After my first day of observation I felt more confident about my career choice. In this reflection paper I will talk about the assignment and all the things I found interesting, important, and challenging. I will also talk about how I overcame the challenges, my misconceptions prior to observing, and how this field experience will affect my education environment. The last things I will talk about is how my future behavior will now be affected by what I learned and how this experience helped me better understand my personal and professional goals.
Section A
From my perspective the purpose of this field experiment assignment seems like it was letting us see the reality of how an inclusion classroom actually works. I was able to see what an inclusion class had to offer all the students and how an inclusion classroom worked. During this field assignment I saw some interesting things such as how the children treated the exceptional children and how different teachers reacted towards these students. Some teachers treated them like all the other students and other teachers would get frustrated and impatient with them. The things that I learned from my involvement was that the children that had disabilities didn’t want people to treat them like they had a disability, that they were just as capable as…

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