My First Day Of My Life Essay

712 Words Nov 16th, 2015 3 Pages
As a child I always envied the pretty girls that had a group of friend with them all the time I wanted to be just like them in every way, but little did I know my life in school would be nothing like that. All throughout my life, I 've been bullied. From the time I stepped foot in a elementary school to when I graduated high school. Or to go back... When I was in kindergarten, the class choices were am and pm. I had a am class. On my first day, I was in a big classroom. This classroom was bright blue had several multicolored cubbies for us to keep our stuff in. In this classroom was also big bold colored pictures of letters and animals. Big round tables that were low to the ground. On the tables were nametags on where we were supposed to sit. Also on the table were baskets were centered in the middle of the table. It was filled with crayons, erasers, and markers. I was in that classroom for two days then I was moved in the next room. The classroom I was moved to was a dull beige with the same colored cubbies. Not as bright and friendly as the other room. This is where I met my first enemy. His name is Eric. He was not a very nice kid. On my first day were playing at recesses and when he took something I was playing with and refused to give it back he said "You 're a big mean green machine" taking offense to his innocuous remark I cried. The second grade was a hard time for me. I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, which caused my parents to hold me back in the…

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