My First Day Of My Junior English Class Essays

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When you walk in the first day of your junior English class, to a woman under 5 feet tall standing on a desk staring at you, you know that there are only two options; either this class is going to be fantastic or a complete disaster. I had heard from students that she had previously, that you could never please her. But, I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt, see what I could do and what was possible based on my experience. The bell rang and signalled for the class to begin. I took a deep breath, as the teacher began to speak, still standing on the top of the desk. She proceeded to play a music video that showed different sections of a wide range of people’s life. She then asked us, how is this was relevant to us? What did this make us think, and how would it change our approach to writing and education? I didn’t even know how it made me feel. I really just wanted to know why this woman who everyone in the school thought could not be pleased was still standing on the top of this desk.
She went on in the class period, “What is my reputation around the school?” she asked. Everyone looked around, some giggled and made snide remarks to each other. “Come on, I already know, but I want to make sure that you know.” she remarked.
Finally a brave student in the back shouted “You are the hardest grader in the English department. I heard you use like four billion red pens a year.”. She went on to explain that this was true. She prided herself on grading things harshly.…

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