My First Day Of My Dad Essay

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My Dad My Dad has always been my inspiration ever since I was little. Some people can say the same thing, but some can say their father wasn’t like my dad. Even my dad couldn’t say that his father was his inspiration. His dad left him just when he was an eight year old boy, and would come back when he turned sixteen. Only to leave yet again and not speak to my dad until he was forty. Sitting outside on the steps as my dad and I watch our dogs run around after each other. The glow from the sun is slowly fading to the night’s sky. I remember this dad like it was yesterday, it was after the first day of my freshman year in high school. My dad asked me how was my first day of school and I said it was great except the part where I got lost. He laughed a little and said I remember one of my many first days I had. What do you mean I asked him. He told me that he moved ever couple of months since his mom couldn’t pay the bills because she was more concerned on taking care of her six kids. That was until his two older brothers dropped out to get jobs and kind of help his mom, as he put air quotes around kind of. Why the air quotes I asked. They were too busy partying and having a good time to help out. That’s all they ever did. Halfway through freshman year, sitting at our kitchen table with my glass in my hand and the sweat from the condensation of the glass makes a puddle on the table. My dad walks in the door and sits down. How was work I asked he responded like he always…

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