Essay on My First Day Of Kindergarten

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The makings of me are from middle childhood to presently has shaped me to the young lady I am today in so many ways. People within my life from age 5 and up that I can remember have given me negative experiences along with positive experiences that presently affect my decisions and way of life. From my mother being present to not so present to building a relationship with an absent father. My 8 siblings all with different personalities and different approaches to coping with a tumultuous upbringing. I can’t begin to explain the makings of myself without first explaining the beginning influences on my life.
Middle Adulthood
I can remember vividly my first day of kindergarten; I was late starting school due to my birthday being later in the school year. I was afraid to speak to anyone because I was coming from a place where I saw the same people an everyday too new strange faces. My older sisters walked me possibly because we were not in the home with my mom because we quite often lived with my grandmother due to my mom being a struggling single parent. My older sisters took on a large responsibility to look after us and what I feel grew up too fast. I have a respect for them as if they were my mother. I was quiet and shy, really didn’t care to participate in any activities. I didn’t know these kids and I didn’t want to be there at all. I would have much rather stayed home. My home life was different it was entirely too many of us and my grandmother was strict we barely were…

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