My First Day Of Junior Year Essay

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It was August 7th 2013 first day of junior year I was wearing my new Nike Elite tennis shoes, and sporting my brand new Northface backpack to go along with my fresh “back to school” haircut. We wore uniforms at my school so I had on a black polo and khaki shorts, because it was super-hot that day. It was the first school year I was able to be in the program Ross Collins, offered only for juniors and seniors at my high school. The purpose of Ross Collins career and Technical center was to help provide students for the necessary skills needed to successfully make a transition into post-secondary education or work and prepare these students to successfully compete in a global market. There were a numerous amount of fields I could study for example: culinary arts, mechanical and engineering, welding, health science and more. Being the indecisive person I am I had to read and figure out what each one provided as far as beneficiary in the field I was interested in as a future career choice. Teacher academy was the program I ended up going into, because of the benefit of being able the work with children one on one. On the first day of school it was a hot twenty five minute bus ride over to the Ross Collins center in Meridian Mississippi, from our school West Lauderdale in Collinsville, Mississippi. It was around 8:30 A.M when we arrived to the Career and Technical center and about a hundred or so kids from all over the general county school districts, gathered into one tiny room…

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