My First Day Of High School Essay

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I remember my first day of high school and the assortment of thoughts which were associated with it; the queasy stomach, racing thoughts, and being anxious about the days, even years, ahead. Throughout the night before, I couldn 't fall asleep; my heart was racing and my brain resisted my pleas to stop fretting over my fears. I barely slept at all, merely a few hours, and when I awoke at six that morning anticipating school, I was miserable. Although I felt as though I would pass out those first few moments awaking, my adrenaline arising from my fears quickly caused my heart rate to soar.
As I was getting ready, my mother did what she does every year, "David! Before you leave, you need to get your picture taken!" Thanks mom, like I really want to see my miserable self before I trek off to school. I clumsily stepped out of my house, staring at my white gym sneakers with a cold toaster strudel in hand, and walked to the front porch of my house with my full backpack pulling down on my shoulders, mustering up whatever energy I had for one of the most pathetic smiles of my life. As I looked at the photo, all I could think was how terrible I looked. I can 't believe I actually had a bowl haircut, somehow my younger self had the impression that was a good idea.
After having to partake in one of the worst photos I’ve had taken, I started walking towards the bus stop. Just as with every other year before high school, I never knew what time the bus came. As I was making my way…

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