Essay My First Day Of English 1101 Class

1173 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
On my first day of English 1101 class, I was expecting to have totally miserable time and told myself that it will be painful to go through an English class for a semester. However, all these expectations shattered after my very first day. My teacher, Gale Thompson, is a really positive and energetic person. Throughout the semester, I realized how much she cares about our learning experiences and helping us to become better writers. She was really caring and willing to help no matter what kind of problems we were dealing with. I really think Gale influenced me in such a positive way and helped me to grow so much as a writer. Even though we were given totally different topics to write on every essays, it was surprising to realize that there were some connections going on throughout all my essays. A common theme among my papers seemed to be talking about the adjusting period of my life when I immigrated to the United States of America from South Korea. I never really enjoyed writing. Understanding all the complications of sentence structures and constructing sentences and paragraphs seemed like pieces of puzzle that I couldn’t seem to figure out. Writing, or English in general, was never one of my strong subjects and I never really tried hard to make it better. All the writings that I had to do in high school were very inside-the-box type. I knew that I had to agree with certain side to make a better grade on some argumentative papers. However, in English 1101 class, I…

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