Essay on My First Day Of College

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It was my first day of college, i was very nervous transferring all the way from the United states to Morocco. I always wanted to go to morocco google pictures look absolutely amazing, Culture is also a big thing i would love to see i 'm tired of seeing boring america i wanna see a person devoted to what they believe in and i wanna someone love who they are who everyone is and specially their god, Allah. I was starting college at Mohammed V University of Agdal for english. Walking around the college is the scariest part i barely understand half of the things that they are saying. Yes, i know i sound so dumb traveling to morocco without knowing fluent language. Learning a different language is so difficult you forget easily you have to go over it in your head more than once and then plus you speak english all the time so you forget how to pronounce things. French class just the place i was looking for, i rush to my seat so i don 't get a crappy and i don 't get a too good seat. Here 's why i don 't want a too good seat, the teacher will think you are a teachers pet and she will call on you all the time without even raising your hand, and also she will have you do aarons for her thinking you 're her slave……….it doesn 't go like that. Row 6 is a great spot it 's not too far from the teacher and not far in the back. I sit my book bag down i stretch my arms upward and i bend backwards to crack my back before i sit down in the same chair for 2 hours. #3 hours later i take out my…

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