Essay about My First Day Of Class

1008 Words Dec 10th, 2016 5 Pages
As somebody who looked forward to college for years, it’s okay to say that my first semester has surpassed all beliefs of what I thought college would be like. It’s been such a ride from the minute I walked onto campus all the way to today. Even after a lot of tears, and maybe slight blood and sweat, the end of the semester is upon us. Isn’t funny how time flew by so fast? When in middle school a two-hour class felt like it’s never-ending. Orientation, the first day of class, taking midterms, going on to thanksgiving break, finals, and boom, the first semester is done. Just looking back on these last few months, I have learned quite a few lessons inside and outside of the classrooms that I will carry on with myself into the next semester and the into my life.
Firstly, Professors are people too — and they’re very different from high school teachers. I think this is something that’s so easy to forget because, in college, that odd and uncomfortable border between a student and the teacher begins to vanish. In high school, it’s considered weird and unthinkable to spend time with your teachers outside of school and many are hesitant to share personal details with you. Nevertheless, this is not the case at college, particularly smaller institutions like mine. Professors are people too; they have a lot going on in their lives but will do anything to make sure you succeed if you reach out to them. For example, this semester I had the most wonderful, helpful, and inspiring teacher…

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