Essay on My First Day At School

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My first day at school was really difficult day and it was really hard. I attnded a school called, 14th Of July. I didn 't know anybody there. I was a first grader. My school was filled with boys and only about four girls. Their moms are teachers that teach at school so all their daughters and sons attended that school. Me and my sister used to attend that school because my mom used to be a teacher. My sister was a fourth grade student and I was a first grade student. My mom used to teach 4th grade over there. Every summer my mom gets us ready for our next year by teaching us the classes and the subject that we need to know for our new year. It was kind of boring that we didn 't get that much fun of a summer but we still got something out of it. When the school year starts I understand everything that the teacher taught us. One day our teacher asked us who could solve that math problem so I raised my hand and answer the question. My teacher said," how did you know how to solve the answer to the problem?" I said that " every summer my mom has this routine that every summer she would teach us and get us ready for our next year. My teacher was proud of me. During my second year of school I became a second grader what. I attended school with the same students and friends I had the previous year. That year we had a new friend she was a first grader her name is Jasmine she was nice and funny and also lovable. During my second grade year I felt like this is getting easier and…

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