My First Day At School Essays

1030 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
To be an ESL student in the regular classroom is not easy for the students and the teachers. Researchers agree that most of the time, the high school and middle school teachers are less prepared to receive this type of students in their classroom (DelliCarpini). I am an ESL student in this type of classroom. It was very hard for me at the beginning. Moving here by myself was very difficult. Everything was so new for me like house, school, people, and food. I was living at the dorm with people I never see before in my life that was very weird for me. My first years, I was sick all the time because of the food was very new for me and most of the fruit were not fresh. The dorm people were very nice with me but the school people little bit. I was crying a lot because that was the first time, I left home by myself. My first day at school, I was working with a dictionary at school because I know nothing about English and if I want to say something I need to search first before open my mouth. People were making fun of me but I was here for learn and I did not care about what people things. At school, I have a lot of problems understand most of my teachers. For example, when teachers is speaking very fast, I get lost and I get scared to ask any question in front of another students. This is because I do not want them to make fun of my English. I am also afraid I might ask the teacher the question in the wrong way. I remember, when I was in 10th grade, my teacher was speaking very…

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