My First Day At Central Connecticut State University Community

758 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
My first day in Central the advantages of the school community were beaten into my head. Why would I not want to be part of the Central Connecticut State University community? Being involved provides benefits that can improve my academic success. Yet, I tend to avoid joining clubs or participating in the events that the university hosts in its efforts to create a unified group. It is a continuous issue, not only with this university, but other colleges such as AnyU, the university Rebekah Nathan, author of My Freshman Year, attended. In her book, Nathan addresses the topic of individualism in the college community. Despite the various benefits that a school community provides, such as the feeling of togetherness, I along with the other students in Nathan’s dorm, failed to get involved due to the reluctance of being committed or “trapped” into an obligation, and the preference for a smaller self-selected community to avoid the burdens of an unfamiliar community. Nathan observed the various events the RA’s in her dorm hosted and the lack of student’s participation. Nathan asked the students what happened on movie night, for example, and they responded, “I wanted to go, but when the time came, I didn’t” or “I forgot” (47). Similar to Nathan’s hall, in my dorm, the RA’s often announce events that vary from arts and craft to social night. They create these events to achieve one goal: to unite the dorm hall community. My lack of participation is proof of this statement by…

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