My First Couple Years Of High School Essay

975 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
During my first couple years of high school I didn 't really do or care about much. I walked into high school thinking it would be easy and I could just show up to my classes and I would pass. During my freshman and sophomore year I didn 't study or do much of my homework which led me to not getting very good grades on my tests. I would always be confused on the assignments and projects but I would never ask for help. My parents were not happy with me. They were always trying to push me to do better. There were some days I actually wanted to start fresh and actually try my best. There were also some other days I just didn 't care. I had no self-motivation, I would always procrastinate and didn 't feel like I could do anything. Toward the end of the semesters I would sometimes start to try to do my homework and projects just so I wouldn 't fail the class. The beginning of my junior year I started to wake up and started to realize that it was my second to last year of high school and I wasn 't really doing well in school. I would go to school and think about what I was doing and where I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to graduate and make my parents proud. I started to do my homework and started to study more and more. My grades started to improve. It felt nice to see my grades go up. I would actually want to show my parents my grades. They would always tell me to always try my best so I could get far in life. I can admit there were days where I would get assigned many…

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