My First Concrete Memory Of Writing Essay

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My first concrete memory of writing occurred when I was eight or nine years old. At that point one of my favorite books was the Hank the Cowdog childrens ' series, which told about the misadventures of a self-styled cow dog on a Texas ranch. I was also enamored with the 1960’s cartoon series Underdog, who was essentially a bumbling canine version of Superman. I saw no reason why these two canine protagonists should not star in a story together, so one day for fun I decided to make a crossover story between Hank the Cowdog and Underdog. I am sorry to say that I mercilessly hijacked the style and conventions of the Hank the Cowdog stories, and in retrospect the fact that I was able to do this is both amusing and interesting. Though I did not actually finish the story, I did illustrate it myself, which probably is the primary reason it ended up in a keepsake box. While this experiment was not literary or even particularly creative, it did represent my first foray into the world of creative writing. Aside from a few such experiments, I did not write much until I began receiving school writing assignments. Since I was homeschooled, my writing education took a form that is a little different from most. When the curriculum we used assigned a writing assignment, I would sit down and respond as best I could, often attempting to imitate whatever books I was reading at the time. After this first draft was completed, my father would read the paper and talk through it with me about…

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