My First Concert At Linnaea Essay

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My first concert I attended was at Linnaea 's cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo, it was my first time going to Linnaea’s and watching the jazz performance. The band that was playing were young adults from the cuesta music program. The band’s name was the sharks there was three men and one woman in the group, the woman was the lead singer, and the three men’s instruments were a bass guitar,xylophone, and a guitar. Linnaea’s is a very small cafe, and the jazz room was full, so i was sitting in the back and it was hard to hear what songs they said they were playing, but still noticed some great jazz songs that they played.

I was very pleased on the first song they played by destiny’s child the xylophone player started with a beautiful solo, and I was amazed at how fast he was moving, and how he had four sticks in his hands, and was using all four it was the first time I ever saw a xylophone player live. After the xylophone solo happened the band joined together, and started playing making a homophonic beat, and throughout the song it had a 4/4 time. After the guitar player Grant played a quick electrifying solo that really made me impressed at how great of a talent he has, and after the bass player had a quick solo, he had great sound and expressions on stage. After the bass solo the band joined again at same time, the song had a good funk feel with a simple melody.

One of my favorite songs that they played was actually written by the guitar player grant was…

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