My First College English Class Essay

721 Words Dec 7th, 2016 3 Pages
My First College English Class Academic writing in college was much more complex than I expected it to be. In the beginning of the semester I was confident that I was going to do well based on how I performed in high school English. I quickly learned, that was not the case. I started out the semester with a one main struggle. I struggled with starting to write a paper because I was nervous to write anything down on the page. I learned there was nothing to worry about after reading the essay, “Shitty First Drafts.” This essay taught me that I do not need to worry about my first draft and I should write what first comes to my mind.
Following my decision not to worry, I prepared myself to write the problem essay. With that experience, I learned what was expected of me in a college class. I found it to be very important to have correct grammar and sentence structure, as well as having transitions throughout the entire paper. I was marked down for each paragraph I turned in for not using correct sentence structure. Being marked down for my mistakes let me know what I needed to learn and work on. I learned that it was very important to make several drafts of each essays to make sure it is exactly how I need it and want it to be. By learning these essential pieces of writing I have become a much better writer this semester.
After writing the problem essay, I felt more confident about writing a full essay that flows well and sticks to the main theme of the essay. I am even more…

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