My First Class: EXP Dimensions Of Education

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Now that I have completed my first class, EXP Dimensions of Education, I have a better understanding of the definition of learning. In light of my new knowledge, I am now in a position to explain learning to others. I would explain that the key to success, whether in education or in the real world is, knowing how to learn. Learning requires taking in the world around you, linking what you are experiencing and finding meaning in it. Since taking this class my view of learning has changed in a major way. I initially thought of it as a simple definition, I had no understanding of the layers. I now know the extent of what it takes to learn and understand that being an Intentional Learning calls for you to understand yourself. You have to make learning …show more content…
Strategies based on my Precision are as follows, identifying resources, including prior experiences and new sources and sorting through information for accuracy and relevancy. Technical Reasoning strategies are, applying clear logic to the task and putting forth greater effort to make a clear, well-reasoned case. Lastly, the strategies I have used for my Confluence is, generating different ideas and learning from failure. During this course I acquired the knowledge to identify my learning strengths. By owning my learning strengths and applying them, I have become a more Intentional Learner.
There have been some challenges using my combination of Learning Patterns, in which I have applied the concept of FITing. I have forged my Technical Reasoning to articulate my responses and to accomplish problem solving quickly, when becoming stalled on an assignment. Additionally, Confluence was intensified to be effective by brainstorming and coming up with different approaches. Better FITing my patterns to become more of an Intentional Learner will take work. I will have to work in a way that I would usually prefer not, along with staying alert for when dominating Patterns need to be

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