My First Child Of His Dream Essay

935 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
After I lost our second child it was too obvious that Mark would not get the child of his dream who we have been trying to have for so long. Yes I am sorry but is it really my fault? I don’t understand why he has to hate me for something I really can’t control. I mean I can’t truly blame anyone but myself for not being able to give my husband a baby at the age of 45; I guess my time has past? Unfortunately, I think all I can do is my other wifely duties while my he’s at work. Simply knowing that my husband is unhappy with me, as a wife doesn’t motivate me in anyway possible. When he’s at work I just take walks to the park and back when I’m too depressed to stay inside this lonely house. It drives me crazy; the silence lies like a down-filled duvet over the rooms, muffling the slightest sound and creating an atmosphere of total discomfort. I may be wrong, but I can see him becoming more and more irritable every day he walks through that front door. Every day, he sees me lying in a different position on this grey, outcast couch, and I can tell it drains him to see me not doing anything with my life. Everyday he motions differently. Sometimes he repeats and sometimes it’s something new. Two days ago he walked in, shook his head in great disappointed while his eyes remained planted to the floor and let out a loud sigh. Yesterday he actually used words and asked me what I did all day; too bad his tone was as interesting as watching paint dry. I don’t know what more I can do. I…

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