My First Car - Original Writing Essay

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Most people can tell you the exact time and date something significant happen to them. Whether it is your sixteenth birthday and you get your first car, or it is the time you little brother was born and you got to hold him for the first time. Considering those are both good things, in reality those significant things are not always so good. People always like to enjoy reminiscing on the good things instead of the bad, but sometimes the bad overpowers the good. My significant time and date is August 2008, and it is not as astonishing as getting your first car or holding a new sibling.
What I thought was an ordinary day for a fifth grader turned into a day I will never forget when I left school that afternoon. I woke up that morning to my spirited mother telling me to get ready for school. On the way to school, my mother was on the phone with my grandmother and I heard something about a doctor 's appointment. I thought to myself, “When you are older, everyone goes to the doctor’s office a lot, right?” My mother has had recent back problems, so I figured it was another check up. She dropped me off at school and I did not think much of it the rest of the day. I went through my day like always, enjoying recess, dreading math class, and of course, looking forward to lunch. When three o’clock came, I was dashing for the door. Expecting to see my energetic mother when I got in the car, but I was unprepared for what I saw.
My usual free spirited, cheerful mother would not look at…

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