My First Birthday At The Time Of A Conflict Essay

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Have you ever wondered why your parents tell you things that you don’t think is fair at the time of a conflict? Well this is a story about how a mother thought what was best for the child was to put the child in a state of uncertainty. It’s also about a 15 year old dealing with past demons. And using those demons to help her grow into an adult. At age 15 I was already in my 20th foster home. My whole life all I knew was pain and despair. At a young age I was abused by my mother’s boyfriend and I have witnessed the beating of the women in my family. There was no end to the pain I had witnessed .But I am so grateful that I had found a foster home where all I knew was love. I loved being with this foster family. I had my very first birthday at age 15 with my foster family. Before that it was just a day of abuse and neglect. There was no cake on those days. There was no birthday songs just loud piercing sounds of a metal rod cracking my spine. I was with my foster family for three and a half years. The mother was more loving than the mother figure I grew up to. I began to make friends at school. My friends were the kinds of kids that other people considered outsiders .but to me they funny and caring. We were also teammates on the softball team. I was the star on the sophomore softball team. I played pitcher, catcher, infield and outfield. I was good at everything on that field. It made me feel safe being on that team I knew nothing could happen as long as I was…

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