My First Big Writing Assignment Essay

1160 Words Sep 20th, 2015 5 Pages
For the first big writing assignment in English, we were asked to interview someone and talk about their literacies. My first thought was right along the lines of “what is the point of this”. I didn’t understand how learning about how someone else established their writing and reading habits would be beneficial to me and my habits. It wasn’t until I started interviewing my partner when I realized the purpose of this paper. My partner, Jenae, looked at literacy completely different than me. I was taught to read by my mother when I was 4 years old and was always told to read and write to better yourself. “Do it to better yourself.” This was my view on literacy until I met Jenae. During our interview, I asked her why she reads and writes. After all of the typical answers I expected to hear, she said, “So I can help others.” Initially, I was a little puzzled by that portion of her response. I had never heard someone put it that way before. I had her explain what she meant by the strange comment shortly after I put my thoughts back together. She stated that in her future career as a nurse, she will need to communicate with patients and their distressed families, and the only way to communicate efficiently is to have a solid literary base. This was the motivation and drive behind all of her professional reading and writing.
Along with the need of clear literacy for her future profession, she also discovered that it would be very beneficial to her, the patients, and their families…

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