Essay about My First Appearance Of The World

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On march 9th year 1992 I was a crying, messy, eight-pound newborn making my first appearance to the world. My host was finally cut free from me and for the first time I independently took a breath of oxygen. Also for the first time she held me in her arms. She stared down at me, her dark hazel eyes fixed on mine. I wish I could paint a perfect picture of a mother’s love for her first born child. A moment to always cherish; A moment she could go through over and over pride fully of how wonderful her baby boy was. Tragically, that is not the case in this story, for just as sudden as the moment had occurred it ended just as quickly. I was removed from her to be taken care of elsewhere. To me she is nothing more than a nameless, faceless, woman of little significance other than being my mode of transportation into the world. Before I go any further let me first explain. Jennifer, well call her Jennifer because that’s what I’m told she goes by, first met Brian in the neighborhood they grew up in. The two houses conveniently separated by less than a half mile of suburban roads. The two became close friends. Though Brian had already graduated and Jennifer still had over a year left of high school the two had a lot in common. They recognized the same faces and enjoyed a similar crowd. The type of crowd that sits in the back of the classroom and puts headphones in during the lecture. They weren’t bad kids; far from juvenile delinquents, maybe just a little misguided. Despite it all,…

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