My First Alcoholic Anonymous ( Aa ) Meeting Essay

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For my first Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting, I was apprehensive in having the opportunity to experience a new part of society. However, as a social work student, I realized that this method of observation was going to be significant in helping me learn to empathize with the members and their struggles. Prior knowledge I had for these meetings was that they are mutually aided groups that provide for each other in their paths towards recovering from their alcohol addictions. I knew that these people experience many ordeals throughout the completion of each step and some take longer than others to recover. I was very interested in getting to know how they arrived to the point of recovery or, in some cases, identifying what barriers are preventing their recovery.
For my Alcoholic Anonymous meeting experience, I attended a Tuesday night session at the Arid Club located on the North side of San Bernardino. This club holds several meetings throughout the day, which I think is a great aspect about the resource. I noticed that all of the meetings listed online had creative and inviting titles for every session. I found this meeting session listed online with the title “Happy Hour.” Upon arriving to the address, I noticed a large sign pointing to a back alley of a small building. Along with my partner, we walked towards a metal door, which looked as if I was walking towards some stranger’s home. As we walked into the room, the group was already having their session and I assumed we…

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