My First Adventure Essay

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The End of My First Adventure
This year marks the end. The end of a long, exciting, adventurous 12 year journey. Throughout these 12 years, I have learned countless lessons that I can, and have applied to my life. I have gone through really good times, but really hard times as well. These experiences and lessons have shaped me to become the person I am today. I strive to be courageous, determined, and faithful every single day. They say senior year is the best year of high school. Before school even began for the year, I was off to a great start of a great year. I had the opportunity and honor to be my sister's maid of honor in her wedding this summer. Her wedding was the most beautiful ceremony in the world. My family worked both tirelessly
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As I walked in the first day of senior year, I thought to myself, ¨Four years ago, I was frightened of what lied ahead, but I am so thankful for the path I led myself to.¨ This time, walking down the halls and into the majority of the senior classes morning meeting space, the library, excitement of the new year overcame me. I had already taken my senior pictures, the football cheerleading season was underway and was going surprisingly well, and I was perfectly content with the people who were in my life. I did not think I had too hard of a class-load, and was thankful I would be able to enjoy each moment of what lied ahead, instead of constantly stressing out about maintaining my grades. Throughout the summer and fall of my senior year, my mom, dad, and I went on college visits to six different places. After narrowing my selection down to around three colleges, I was invited to a ¨Tomorrow´s Teachers¨ conference at Millikin University, which just so happened to be one of the colleges I was strongly considering. I had the opportunity to stay overnight with two really nice girls, meet the leading men and women of the education department, and tour an Elementary School that co-oped with the college. After attending this conference, I was 100% positive that Millikin was the college for …show more content…
Despite the small issues that come with each person's daily life, the saying that Senior year was the best, was proving to be true. I was asked to homecoming in an adorable way by my best friend, and homecoming was an absolute blast. It is hard to imagine that was our last homecoming, but I am glad my last one was the best one surrounded by all my best friends. I was also voted onto homecoming court, which was very exciting and provided many photo moments for my mom, which is always appreciated by her. Our football team was doing well, beating teams that were considered to be really good. The team won the big homecoming game, and even made it to playoffs for the second year in a row. I started babysitting every morning for a first grade girl at the beginning of September, which turned out to be a really good thing for me, as I struggle with waking up and arriving to my meetings on time. I also met a new fourth grade girl who became my mentee. She is a really sweet girl, but struggles with being kind and encouraging at times. God put Gracelyn in my life to show me how blessed I am with the life I have been

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