Essay Example Of Personal Narrative

I graduated from Pacific Palisades High School June 1969. Spent freshman year at San Diego State Sept 1969 to May 1970
My parents’ financial situation changed, making it necessary to move home (Brentwood, CA 90049) and commute to CSUN beginning sophomore year Sept. 1970
Series of events commenced on Friday evening following the first week of finals. Two finals remained, one academic and the other, a PE class with a written test on the rules of golf, scheduled in the early half of next week. I was doing well, hoping for all A’s and a Pass in golf, worst case scenario was 2 A, 2 B and a Pass in golf so I wasn’t particularly anxious.
My father’s search for a viable job offer began in spring 1970. It was now early 1971. Taking the job search ‘on the road,’ my parents were driving across the country, dad ‘dropping in’ at the home office of any corporation where his skill set might be useful. They called to check in with us, (I had 16-year-old brother) every few days.
On this particular Friday, our last conversation took place the previous
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Widowed around 1938, she had one child, a son who Anglicized his obviously Jewish name after returning from WW II. (James Cane)
My grandmother and her family arrived in the USA around 1902, yet none of the 6 children became proficient in English. They used a mishmash of Yiddish, Russian, and English to communicate with their American born progeny (and their offspring) They lived their lives as Observant Jews adhering to religious idology and followed customs and traditions adjusted just enough to coexist with the secular American life style. Despite our differences in language and religious piety I was close to my grandmother. When I was growing up, my father’s job required a lot of traveling. At least once or twice a year, if the timing didn’t cause me to miss much school, my mother accompanied him. I’d then stay with her while my brother settled with my mother’s

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