My Final Project For Art Appreciation Titled Love The Ocean Essay example

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My final project for Art Appreciation titled Love the Ocean, Don’t Leave Trash, was an engaging experience. The subject matter is an arrangement of trash on the beach in a composition composed of triangles. The content of this artwork was to demonstrate the diversity of trash people litter on the beach and draws awareness to the need of humanity to take better care of our aquatic environments. The painting maintained the original concept to the end, though the process had to be modified slightly. The planned procedure was that I would do an acrylic base with an oil painting finish, but instead this painting ended up being simply acrylic. This was mostly due to the fact that I was working on unstretched canvas and I planned on stretching it once the artwork was completed. This did not allow for drying time for the oil paint, and I did not want to stretch with wet oil paint and have it get damaged. I originally had planned to complete the oil painting with enough time for it to dry but the acrylic under painting took longer than expected. So I concluded I would use acrylic throughout the entire painting. I found a great deal of inspiration for my final project from Zhang Hongtu 's Bird’s Nest. First of all, his painting was oil paint on canvas, which was initially the medium I wanted to work with. Second of all, the cubistic, geometric composition of Bird’s Nest, inspired the geometric triangle layout for my piece. This idea gave rise to the composition that represents order…

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