My Field Trip To Art Museum

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It was amazing how a visit in an art museum can make a student be more interested or eagerly to learn more about history through art. My field trip to Museum of Fine Arts Houston was an opportunity to see in real life and discover what we have seen in our slides from class lecture. Art had been part of human’s life, civilization or an era. It is consider as one’s perspective in life. It also shows one’s perspective towards its subject. It also expand my idea and understanding of the history and culture of many civilization. I consider my visit in this museum as a surreal moment for me. The museum was filled with sculpture, paintings and equipment from thousand years ago. There are two buildings, each buildings has different sections depends …show more content…
Ibise were kept at his temple and often mummified at death and wooden coffins are made for them. One of the biggest differences between this coffin and sarcophagus is sarcophagus that are made of Late antiquity period are made of stone and ceramics or different kind of stone while this is a coffin made out of wood in specifically made for an animal although there are also some sarcophagus made for animals. This a very good condition coffin. We can see from each sides a head of a falcon-headed god with an ankh which is a sign for eternity. Sarcophagus and this wooden coffins are form of an art in which its subject is to give meaning to the tomb or one who is inside of it.
Pottery is the oldest art of handicraft. Making ceramics are from river clay that has been formed by mixing with water and then firing. Ceramics has been very useful to mankind since 25,000 years ago and this is one of the things that innovated the world. Ceramics’ material are nature friendly so it does not decay easily. It has been use for plants, storage of liquid such as wine, honey and water also as storage for grain. They can also be seen as a decorations in burials or offerings. Ceramics nowadays are use in almost things and technologies that is necessity for people to

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