Essay on My Field Clinical Experience Occurred At Urban Prep Charter

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My field clinical experience occurred at Urban Prep Charter Academy- Englewood Campus. Urban Prep Charter Academy is a public charter high school in Chicago, IL for males only. The population of the school consists of 98% African American and 2% mixed backgrounds. I chose Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men because I read many articles about males having higher rates of students with special needs than females. Urban Prep Charter Academy serve a population of 20% students with special needs. I connected with a summer program and credit recovery course at Urban Prep high school. Each program was different, and I was able to obtain my 15 hours within observing these programs for two-four weeks. The summer program and credit recovery program consisted of rising sophomores. I chose the sophomore population because they were currently the youngest of the building. The summer program at Urban Prep was a student peer health ambassador program. The program was taught in a classroom and outdoor setting. I learned that there were students who had physical disabilities, as well as learning disabilities. The students had a director by the name of Mikal Clay. He assisted in teaching the students social skills, and academic skills that would assist them during their sophomore year. I noticed that at the beginning of the day, he would always begin his day with an icebreaker that caused the young males to be active and moving. While observing these students I noticed that they were…

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