My Favourite Photographer That I Admire Essay

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My fourth photographer that I admire is the complete opposite from what my other three are. The third one is Michael Kenna; he is a landscape photographer who uses his photography for the use of publications, commercial work, and gallery representatives. He is the most acclaimed landscape photographer of his generation. Michael is in 100 museums worldwide, and his photographs have been the subject of some 50 monographs. My favorites of his are within his commercial work. Michael was born in England, he grew up as one of five children. In 1973 he went off to attend London College of Printing in London, England where he studied commercial photography; however, he soon turned to landscape. He was profoundly influenced by Bill Brant, Joesef side, and Eugéne Atget work that inspired him to switch to landscape. In 1977 he picked up and moved to San Francisco where he lived and worked as a photographer for over thirty years. He moved to San Francisco because some galleries were willing to showcase his work. To me, his work is mysterious, elegant and just beautiful. His photos have such simplicity and clarity. One thing I admire about Michael is that no matter the commercial client he still has the same black and white simple style photos; he doesn’t change to fit the commercial brand he sticks to his brand. Michael states that he believes, “black and white is immediately more mysterious because we see in color all the time. It is quieter than color. I am a pushover for black and…

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