My Favorite Vacation

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The Caribbean has some of the most dazzling places one can visit. The tropical climate and the amazing scenery, makes the area an incredible vacation spot. One of my favorite places in the region is the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island with incredible people, a fascinating culture, and great outdoors activities. In one of my last trips there, I visited a wonderful river site called, “Los 27 Charcos” or in English, “The 27 Pools”. It was a great experience, and I would like to tell you all about it.
The trip to The 27 Pools was a fun adventure that tested my physical endurance. I arrived with my group early in the morning to meet the first hurdle of the day. To my surprise, there were no roads to take us straight
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She was exhausted, so I did what any loving father would do, I decided to carry her on my shoulders. Now the pain was double, and not only my feet hurt, but my shoulders and lower back were paying a high price for that decision. Indeed, it was the perfect storm, the day was hot and humid, I was walking on top of rocks wearing flip-flops, and carrying my daughter on my shoulders. Calling this trip boot camp would be an understatement. Finally, after those few hurdles and roughly a forty-five-minute walk, we made it to the site. The scenery was stunning, crystal clear blue water, huge waterfalls, and massive rocks carved by the river. After seen the view, it was apparent that to climb all 27 water pools in one day was a daunting task; therefore, we decided to climb just the first 8. I was ready, and after the guide gave us the necessary safety instructions, we started the …show more content…
I found myself swimming between huge rock formations, through narrow channels, fighting the rushing water, and using improvised rope ladders to climb out of one water pool and to the next level. The climb was quite physical from start to finish, and as if that was not enough, I was constantly helping other people in the group climb and swim their way through each level. My extremities felt increasingly heavy from all the swimming and climbing. It was tough; it felt like someone had tied heavy bags of sand to my arms and legs. Nevertheless, as I approached the last water pool, it felt like I had conquered Mount Everest. The whole thing really felt like a huge achievement. Once we reached the eighth pool, we spent a few minutes admiring the view and gathering

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