Reflective Essay: My Trip To The Football Field

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This place means a lot to me, because I been there most of my life. I spent a lot of my life there for practice, games, and other things the held there. This place was like home to me. It was very special to me because I was the best student academically, but I always knew I was one of the best or the best every time I went to the field. That why I think it meant so much to me.
My favorite place is my high school football field and track. I remember going to the field after school and being tired from all the school work and I could release the stress on field. It might not have been the best field like there were always mud, holes and most of the time had a weird smell, and after doing workouts on the track you always had cinders in your shoes and socks. I played football for two years and ran track all four years in high school and also cross country. We did workouts on the track also. We didn’t have a real track we had a cinders track and a grass field
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With a cinder track you had to work harder and it was also hard on your shins, knees, hips, ankles, and your back. After doing a three or four mile workout on that track you would hurt the next couple of days. Our coach always said for each lap our times were 4 seconds slower than they would have been on a real track. Anytime it would rain hard we couldn’t run on the track because it would be flooded and it took a while to dry enough for us to be able run on it. I’ve talked to my coach after the new field, and he said it’s going to be weird having practice and not worrying about how wet the track is, and not having me to lead the team. I probably miss the track and cross country team the most we were like family, and I miss coach he was like another father to me he was always there when I had a bad race. I remember him pulling to the side and telling to go out there and just kick some ass and that would be all he said before ever

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