My Favorite Person Essay

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Six weeks after I was born, I moved from my parents apartment in Brooklyn to a house in the Bronx with my grandparents and my mom’s four older siblings. I moved to the Bronx so my parents could work and save up money for a house they later bought. I remember having blankets on the floor when I started crawling, and my uncles baby-proofing anything that could’ve hurt me. I remember having all of my dolls and stuffed animals lying next to me. I remember my grandparents and my aunts always making sure I was never hungry,[?] They always made sure I was happy and well taken care of. I remember the endless hugs and kisses I was showered with from them.
My parents came to see me every weekend. It wasn’t like they forgot about me. They’ll always be
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Whenever I get the chance, to I try to go visit her. She’s honestly my favorite person ever. She has showed me how beautiful my religion and culture[we don’t know what that refers to] actually is, and to put my family first. I admire the way she raised her kids all loving, and content, and always willing to help. Whenever someone goes to visit them[who?], they[who?] always feel at home and welcome. My grandma has a ton of qualities I look up to her for,[awkward and vague] and I want to be just like her. I try my hardest at school and in everything I do to make her proud, and I know if my grandpa was here he would be proud too. Whenever I’m upset about something, she[who?] tries to make me think positive and always listens to what I have to say. We have our huge share of inside jokes. I try to be there for my grandma as much as I can, since I’ve gotten so used to taking care of her. She has vertigo, which makes her dizzy at times, so whenever she’s home alone, I call to check up on her. Today, no one will ever understand the bond I have with her, she comes before anyone. I was born into the best family, and I couldn’t ask for anything

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