Essay on My Favorite Part Of The Day

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I Complain My favorite part of the day is when I walk into my band class. Immediately, I can hear the loud sounds of a boisterous saxophone playing their part or the lilting sounds of a flute practicing their solo. These sounds fill me with happiness and they help to lift my mood. I love being in band. I have been a part of band for six years now and I love it even more every year. I enjoy the exhilaration of the performance, or joking around with my clarinet section. I am delighted that I originally chose to be in band, as it is now a huge part of my life. Unfortunately, some people do not feel the same way or have not had the ability to experience the same things as me. Because of this, they do not see as much value or importance in band or other fine arts programs. Many administrators believe that the fine arts do not matter. However, they bring a lot of value to our education. By viewing art from other cultures, we can develop an appreciation for the other cultures and their way of life. The arts also help to teach students life skills. By being in technical theatre, I have learned to use dozens of power tools that I may never have learned otherwise. For example, I can use an overhead saw, electric drill and saw-zaw. These skills will be helpful for my future job. I want to be a marketing executive; so if I have to create a display, I could either do it myself, or I would know the proper techniques for other workers to use. It could also be useful for home projects.…

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